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Pamlico Air Announcement-Ribbon Cutting

Pamlico Air, an air filtration manufacturing company whose business name is CleanAire, LLC, has created 421 new jobs in Goldsboro, NC. 
Pamlico Air provides clean air and a healthier, high-quality air filtration product across the nation. The Goldsboro location produces a wide variety of air filtration products and equipment, ranging from residential air filters for your home to high-efficiency air filtration products used in hospitals and healthcare settings. 
“We continue to be enthusiastic with the increasing footprint of Pamlico Air in North Carolina.  Their investment and corporate partnership in our community plays a vital role in the growth of Wayne County and Eastern North Carolina,” said Senator Jim Perry during the October 5th announcement. 
“To have a company like Pamlico Air select our community as their next site showcases our ability to recruit and assist companies to expand and locate in Eastern North Carolina. This bolsters the economy and creates job opportunities for the citizens of Wayne County and our region,” said Mark Pope.
This is excellent news for Wayne County, the Region, and Eastern North Carolina collectively!
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